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  1. sparticus19b

    Xbox one mod

    Is that possible? I'd love to add new tracks..
  2. sparticus19b

    Pit Crew Outfits

    I thought that, but my pit crew wears the red default suits! It's strange
  3. sparticus19b

    Pit Crew Outfits

    Can I change my pit crews firesuits and helmts in my team?
  4. sparticus19b


    Why on qualifying do you have to put the AI down LOW compared to race pace speed?
  5. sparticus19b

    Safety car laps

    Why in the world do the cars go flying down straights and slam brakes on for turns then gun it again. This is a huge glitch that needs fixed.
  6. sparticus19b

    AI Difficulty Calculator

    Why did you lock us out of the calculator?