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  1. Hello. I had SC during my first season of my career. I started a new season and since, I am in the 4th season without SC. In crashes, Jeff says they deploy the safety car but it doesn't come out. Only yellow flags at the scene of the accident. I'm on Ps4, patch 1.13. A lot of people says it's a save problem.
  2. I have the same problem as callum246. The SC came out during my first career. I decided to start a new career and now the SC does not come out. I am in season 2 of the new career. The SC is on, the yellow flag is on. One time, in a crash, Jeff told me the SC was coming out and it never came out. I reinstalled the game due to a launch crash but there is still the problem. I'm on PS4, version 1.10, difficulty 82 with 100% race. Many people have this problem in France. Sorry for my english, I'm french.