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  1. Still not acceptable because you're vague. What "additional fixes" are there? Be specific. You come off as condescending by being vague. If you were just honest and didn't ignore us when we ask legitimate questions, we wouldn't get so mad. I mean, you're a liar. Straight up. If I sold you a product and said to you, "You'll be getting a better version of this in the middle of October", and I didn't come thru, you would be upset. If you got a delivery date for your Amazon package, and it didn't come on that day, you'd be upset. Give us a date, so we can come on here and tell you that you lied to
  2. Still no response on yellow sponsor names on my suit.

  3. @BarryBL Any updates? Let's get this game UP to snuff. Still nothing.
  4. How do you not understand that that is unacceptable? Screw that. There is no possible way, that something that affects the looks of your car got thru testing without being seen. Just admit you didn't test the game enough, and give me the excuse of the pandemic. What? Someone's home office and simulator weren't available in their own home due to quarantine. Everything is done remotely. Bands can piece together albums with their members all over the world, look up Tool. Testers should have seen this. Testers should have brought this to your attention. But, the game came out IN JULY. We are in OC
  5. @BarryBL Do I have to say "Up" to get a response like the another person on a different forum? Are we getting this "fixed up" or not? And when can we expect this to be done? Pay $70 for a game that can't be completed correctly.
  6. Two weeks later and I doubt this at this point. Any updates? Closer to the end of the season than the beginning now. I honestly don't feel like playing the MyTeam because of this. I changed my livery to black, gold, and white so the immersion wasn't killed completely, but I would like to change the colors of my sponsors on my suit soon. I tweeted you guys this too, with no response.
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