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  1. Got Dirt 5 on release Friday here in Australia and initially thought the soundtrack had three or four songs on rotation. That was until I saw the play list in the credits, and confirmed with the above list of tracks. My quandry is......... Where are the rest of the tracks? Doesn't really matter anyway as I've turned down the woeful screeching to barely audible. Same goes for the godaweful in game sound effects of fireworks, flares, screaming crowds etc. Is it a racing game, or an attempt to destroy gamers eardrums?
  2. No F2MaDMaXX, the rally aspect of DR2.0 is still cool with the challenges and career and all, but splitscreen is just something I'm putting out there that I miss from earlier console games. (Currently I'm on PS4)
  3. I just posted the same thing on another thread, but please please bring back side by side genuine splitscreen racing. Time trial racing (turn based or time only splitscreen) with your mate sitting right next to you is rubbish!
  4. Wasn't this game the last of the split screen race your mate Col McRae games? Was so disappointed when CM3 released and the split screen was time only and no fender banging to the end of the stage. The disappointment continues today with 2.0. Surely in this day and age you can incorporate side by side splitscreen racing. Chasing ghost cars is about as lame as it gets.
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