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  1. @TeenierNeilb69 Thanks for mentioning that FB post. If you hadn't mentioned it, I wouldn't have had any clue that I could do that. For the life of me I can't figure out why this was not posted on here by CM as well. We must be less important than their FB followers.
  2. So after being notified of a post on FB made by CM, I went to check it out. it says to turn on DRS assist and and fuel Assist off. I use Elite settings so I only turned on DRS assist like they said. I went in and sure enough I can change the fuel now. Why CM posted this on FB and not in here on these forums is a real head scratcher. You would think they would have the awareness to post it here as well. Try it out people
  3. The fact that this is still not fixed tells me that 1. They can't fix it or 2. They don't care and won't fix it. We were told yesterday that it should be solved by the online maintenance that was done. It is not solved, not even close, in fact I don't think they did anything. @TeenierNeilb69 what post are you referring to? I'd like to know, not a FB guy
  4. BillyTheKidF1

    Fuel assist activating bug

    It's still not fixed. Saying it "should" be solved now basically means you're not entirely sure. I'm confused on the process that CM goes through. Do they not test out each game platform and see for themselves if it's fixed on PS4,XBOX, PC etc..... I'm on PS4 and it's 7 hours later from when you said it "should" be solved... and well, it's not. If I'm a mechanic and I'm redoing someones brakes. I'm not going to return their car and say your brakes should work now, I'm going to test it so I'm sure.
  5. BillyTheKidF1

    Fuel assist activating bug

    The event needs to be extended the amount of days that this fuel bug is present for. That's assuming it gets fixed in the next 26 days.
  6. BillyTheKidF1

    Weekly event bug

    This is most definitely not a connectivity issue. I've had it happen in Britain as well as a friend of mine too. Now that The Esports Italy event is here, it has happened there too. No tires left floating in the track here, just the Alpha Tauri hovering around the track.
  7. BillyTheKidF1

    Fuel assist activating bug

    Unfortunately we're at the mercy of CM. They need to fix it. There is nothing we can do except wait around for them to fix it. It's a weekend so they ignore the issues they create until Monday rolls around again.
  8. I'm going to wager a guess here and say because it's a weekend, CM won't be attending to this issue until Monday. By attending, I mean slowly, oh so slowly working on a fix. it's been a few days and it's still not fixed. This should be a work around the clock until it's fixed issue. It's an Esport event for gods sake. Without rich fuel, lap times cannot be improved and overtakes struggle greatly. This is an absolute joke!!
  9. BillyTheKidF1

    eSports Ready?!

    This (cheating) has been a problem on all platforms for years. I recently was reading something on the Steam community forums, it was about an individual who knowingly cheats and is at the top of a lot of leaderboards, the person who brought this up in the discussion has been directly notifying CM of this the past 4 years with proof and nothing has been done. I think the current issue of having the fuel assist turned on after submitting your first score in the Esport Event is incredibly embarrassing for CM too. Did they even test it? It's probably the most important contest they offer and people cannot even switch to rich fuel lol, it's very telling of the quality of output from the company which is a shame because people love F1..... and working video games for that matter