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    GOTY Xbox One X content not working

    Cheers for the quick response. Followed what you advised and worked perfectly! Legend! Thank you so much!
  2. I just got Dirt 2.0 GOTY physical edition for Xbox One X. Installed it, put the code in for the content and it doesn't work. When I try to do career mode, it says I have to purchase other country packs. I have noticed that the content pack didn't download onto my Xbox. Also, there may be a confliction between the trial version and full version. Because when I take the disc out, the game goes to trial mode automatically. Any help on this one would really be great! I have tried deleting all profile and racenet information but it doesn't seem to change anything.
  3. RapidAce

    Championship Reset

    So I just got the GOTY edition for Xbox One, installed it, put the code in for the pack, loaded the game and it gives me the discrepancy error. Also the country packs don't load either Any way around this? I have reinstalled the game once already. The game just flat out doesn't work ūü§£