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  1. Hello, I am from FWR (Front Wing Racing), and i would like to announce that we're starting season 2 In 1 week (15/11/2020)! We are starting our brand new Tier 2 aswell with the start of Season 2. We are an EU based league. Seats are filling in so be QUICK, We did start already with the season but that doesn't matter that much! ONLY 1 SEAT LEFT!!! Schedule: Tier 1: Full Qualifying + 50% race, every Sunday at 19:30 GMT (UK TIME). Tier 2: Short Qualifying + 50% race, every Thursday at 19:30 GMT (UK TIME) Except Christmas and New years eve will be on a Wednesday. All skill levels are appreciated only requirement is to be clean if not you will be kicked. Discord link: https://discord.gg/ANr2EJp I hope to see you in our discord!!
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    [PC] FWR SEASON 2 EU LF Tier 2 drivers on Thursday!

    shhhhhhhhhhhttttttt elliot
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    [PC] FWR SEASON 2 EU LF Tier 2 drivers on Thursday!

    Join the discord Craig! Everything will be explained in there!
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    [PC] FWR SEASON 2 EU LF Tier 2 drivers on Thursday!

    Roster Update: TIER 1 FULL TIER 2 12 SEATS LEFT
  5. Hello, i am from FWR and we are looking for full time drivers for our 2nd season that will start in 2 weeks time. If there are enough people for 2 tiers we will make a 2nd tier. We have had a consistent grid the whole 1st season of 18-20 people so we are looking for potentially starting a 2nd tier. Tier 1 will be driven at Thursdays and Sundays, Tier 2 has not been made so no date yet. Hope you will join us in our discord! Link: https://discord.gg/dh3G5t39Xb
  6. Hello, i am from Front Wing Racing (FWR) and we are currently starting our first season this Thursday at Zandvoort. We do 2 races a week for our first season, the days are thursday and sunday. We only have 1 seat remaining so be quick! Our race format is a 18 min qualy and a 50% race. The link to the discord: https://discord.gg/zkkqmrB , the races are at 20:00 GMT+1
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    FWR League PC

    Hey I am from FWR (Front Wing Racing) and we are looking to start a league nothing is confirmed yet because we are starting from scratch. We are a pc league and just looking for active members who can race every week and are clean, if you can't race for some time you need an excuse to not race or else your driver seat will be in danger if there are enough players. The league is EU based btw If you would like to join here's a link to the discord https://discord.gg/ANr2EJp it should never expire if it does reply to this post.