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  1. Firstly, Great tutorial MrPix.  I didn't even know this Proxy app existed. I have just got this setup with SimVibe 4, Fanaleds, and Dash Meter Pro, and hit a couple of snags, but i have it all working now so will outline it here in case it helps someone else. Simvibe 4 now has a Dirt Rally profile and i found that by running this, it actually was modifying the "hardware_settings_config.xml" when i launched Dirt Rally from Simvibe 4.  I could not figure out how to stop this behaviour, so i had to leave the config file set to port 10001, and then in Simvibe 4, under Settings > Games > Dirt Rally (Steam) , set a UDP Forward to the port you have the CM Proxy app listening on, ie 20777. Then in the CM Proxy app, remove the settings for Simvibe  (port 10001) as this will interfere with SimVibe and the game communicating.  I only have the CM Proxy outputting to Fanaleds and Dash Meter Pro, and all 3 devices are working fine now. Also, note for Fanaleds, set the line in the "hardware_settings_config.xml" below the UDP, to  fanatec enabled="false", so the game will not try and use the fanatec display natively.