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  1. Hi new to the forums and F1 Racing . Looking for beginners leagues for PS4. I’m in the EST zone and play mostly weekends. Look forward to future races and meeting fellow drivers in the forum. I play on PS4 i also have ps3 and Xbox 360
  2. Hi new to the forum and F1 racing game. i want to be part of a racing league that runs clean races and play during the weekends. Im open to leagues in other countries if the play time is reasonable. I use a controller but looking to upgrade to wheel. Possibly Fanatec wheel I use assist except for braking. I want to be part of a strong community so that my skills may grow with time. I’m in the EST zone and play on PS4. i use discord and kik for communication with my online gaming friends. Send me a DM here first and thank you 🙏🏻
  3. ELkid46

    New to codemasters and F12020

    So far I’ve adjusted to F1 2020 using controller but would like to move up to pedal and wheel for true sim experience. i changed up some settings like the brake assist that I can do well on my own im mostly a need for speed player but got interested in F1 Since it’s an officially licensed game. Really impressed with realism of the game