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  1. Thanks all - Steam did indeed back it all up, I took a Steam backup prior to the migration, then on the new PC restored from that backup (my internet is too slow to re-download!!) and all my car setups/profile/control configs/etc were there ready for me without any fuss whatsoever. Phew!
  2. I need to rebuild a PC and following the re-install of Dirt 2.0 I'd like to restore all the various car setups I've done for each car/venue. I found a post that suggested these were stored in <steamapps>/dirt 2.0/cars/setups but this isn't true; the folder doesn't exist and there are no obvious files anywhere on the PC that I could find, that store them. Can someone clarify where they are stored so that I can back them up and restore them afterwards, or am I expected to go through and write them all down before wiping :) ?!
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