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  1. Lenker

    is Bottas overpowered in your game?

    I think you are overexaggerating this Bottas story. In some seasons he finishes in front of Hamilton, in others behind. It's not that in every career you need to have the exact same result with Hamilton winning all the races, Bottas always P2 and Verstappen P3 otherwise game would be extremely boring and not even realistic. Also, we are speaking about a driver who is in the best team and who was many times in pole and won many races last year. I mean, we are not speaking about Latifi being unstoppable and winning races and championships. For me, the strangest thing in myteam career was that all of a sudden in the middle of Season 3 Albon stopped to go out in Q2 and to run in the midfield during the race (as he had done until then) and started to constantly be in the top 5, in front of Verstappen both in Qualy and Race, while Verstappen started to have Albon's results. Other unexpected things which happened to me: - in myteam season 1 my teammate Ghiotto scored a P4 in Austria and a P5 in Russia without taking advantage of any SC or VSC, just by being genuinely quick despite driving a midfield car and being a low rated driver. He finished most of the other races out of the top 10. - in season 2 I had the best car and in season 3 an utterly dominant car but still my teammate, Magnussen, was alternating extremely dominant weekends, passing Q2 with Mediums, taking pole and winning by a huge margin, to disastrous ones even failing to score points. To be honest, considering last year we had unexpected results like Alpha Tauri and Racing Point winning races I really have nothing to complain about this kind of variety.
  2. @RedDevilKT In case you're planning to release a Patch 1.18, would it be possible to have an option to turn driver retirements off? Or at least to give us an option to prevent a specific driver from retiring? I really wanted to have a career with Kimi as teammate but he is always retiring at the end of season 1. It's extremely annoying.
  3. Lenker

    Option to disable career AI driver's retirements

    I couldn't agree more. I thought if you turn driver transfers off, also retirements would be disabled but not even in this way it will work. I wanted Kimi in myteam career, he retired at the end of season 1. I started a driver career in Alfa Romeo with transfers off, thinking this way he would stay there. No! During the first season I already got email about his retirement at the end of the year. Really frustrating. I don't think comparison with FIFA is appropriate, In FIFA players already start do decrease before they are 30 y.o. If they don't retire, by the time they get 45 they are the worst players in the game. Hopefully we will not see old drivers getting worse also here. If I want to fight with Kimi for the championship, by the time we develop the car he will be the slowest driver in the grid, so it would be the same as if he retired. Solution could be that if you set retirements to off there won't be any growth as well, at least for F1 drivers. This way you won't have max stats for every driver after few seasons. So, easiest way is the option Driver retirements: ON / OFF.
  4. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. Both Charouz cars have number 11 on the rear wing. Piquet is supposed to have number 12, as correctly showed on the nose of his car. Platform PS4 What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) 1.14 Game-mode? All game modes. Quickly visible from Showroom. We need to be able to make your problem happen internally so we can fix the issue. Can you make the problem happen again? Yes, it happens every time you go to Showroom. How do you make the problem happen? Launch the game. Go to Showroom > F2 2020 > Click right until you find driver Pedro Piquet. What troubleshooting have you attempted? Please always try to attempt to fix the issue N/A What peripherals are you are using (gamepad, wheel make & model etc) Gamepad Any screenshots or video of the issue? If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears.
  5. Lenker

    [PS4 1.13] wrong parc fermé rule?

    Same here, and it is totally random. First race after the patch I was only allowed to change MGU-K between FP3 and Quali without getting penalty. For all the other components I got penalty warnings. Second race I changed all the components between FP2 and FP3. After FP3 I tried to change them again and I got penalty warnings for all the components but ICE and Batteries. PS. I don't know if it may be relevant to identify the bug but I always skip FP3.
  6. Lenker

    Few suggestions

    Well, they are supposed to do basic quality test before even the smallest patch, otherwise Sony or Microsoft can stop them from publishing it. So, for sure they do some quality test but it's surprising the amount of bugs they don't notice in the process. I've never played any 2K games but I know they are doing localization and quality test by themselves. Don't know what 2K will do in other fields but I expect quality of the localization will be improved a lot next year.
  7. Lenker

    Few suggestions

    Hi, I wanted to drop a few suggestions/questions: 1) Considering party mode and all the engine modes have been banned since Monza, are you also planning to remove the fuel mix settings this year or it's something you will do in 2021? I understand it's not as simple as just getting rid of the lean and rich fuel mix, as for example, AI lap times in quali should also be higher if players can not use fuel mix 4. 2) About the calendar in F1 2020, would it be possible to have it with at least the exact same number of races (17) as the official one and with the option to sort the order? So far the closest option we have is 16 and it is impossible to change the order. Also in that case we should not have faster wear of the Power Unit components as it is in 16 races season now. 3) Some tracks need at least little updates. First example coming to my mind is Canada and specifically the 150, 100 and 50 m distance signs before the last chicane. They should be much bigger, like they are in reality. They are so small that it's really hard to use them to calculate your braking point. I know there is at least another thread about track improvements but honestly I don't care if a specific kerb is red, white or yellow or other purely aesthetic details. Signs you are supposed to use as indicators of braking point on the other hand are more functional than aesthetic, so they should have a high priority. 4) Considering the fact that in F1 2021 there should be the full F2 2020 season, and that in the official F2 2020 season they raced at Mugello, does it mean we will see the Italian circuit in the next game? 5) Codemasters should consider to create a Localization team. From what I understand other companies are doing that work for you and results are really terrible. It is clear that people working on it don't know anything about F1. I've only played Italian version so I don't know about other languages, all I can say is that it is full of mistakes that should at least be detected during the pre-launch quality test. I have worked myself for 1 year in the Localization team of another big videogames company and it is very sad to see CM games every year with such a poor localization. Most of these mistakes could be easily spotted and corrected in few weeks of testing by a team of no more than 3 persons per language. E.g. it's unconceivable to see the Bus Stop chicane being translated as "fermata dell'autobus". It should not be translated at all, yet it has been like this for many years now. Or, at the end of the race the Italian Jeff says something that in English sounds like "Take that tyre and bring it home" while he means "Collect the tyre marble". I could give many other examples, like Jeff saying that you are last at the speed trap even if you were the fastest, second, fourth or sixth, or the countless mistakes/bugs in the questions by Claire. For example, this year when she is asking questions about your rival sometimes the text is generating your teammate name instead, not to mention the cut or overlapping text scattered here and there in the game menus. In Italy you have many thousands customers paying good money every year. We deserve a good quality localization!
  8. Lenker

    MyTeam needs additional customization

    I agree and I would also add the possibility to use a white circle around the number. We already have it in one of the liveries, the one called Sunburst. With the addition of that white circle the black numbers would be visible even if you paint your car black or with other dark colours. About sponsors another idea could be to have sponsors bound to the driver. So every time you sign a new driver, his sponsors will also follow him to your team, bringing you both money and stickers for your livery. I don't know how problematic this could be with licensing though.
  9. Lenker

    Jeff never says if a driver has a penalty

    I would like if he could also remind to us, players, if we have any penalty. I was doing a 100% Monaco race, I was comfortably in 3rd position with a 10 seconds gap to 4th position. For this reason I was taking it super easy on the last two laps, then when I crossed the line I was surprised to see I was 4th. I had a 5 seconds penalty, which I got during my last pit stop, but I didn't see at all any info on my screen and got no message from Jeff. Had I known I would have pushed a little bit harder during those last two laps to save my position. So, yes, Jeff should definitely give us info about penalties and remind them during the last laps of the race.
  10. Lenker

    About the F1 2020 career and my team calendar

    I agree, ok, I understand they can't add all the new tracks, but at least I would like to have a season with the same number of races as the real 2020 season, 17. At the moment the closest option we have is 16. Also it should be without faster wear for the power unit components. I was playing a 16 races season in career mode and turbo was completely dead after 4 races... So, please add 1 more race to the 16 races option, give us the freedom to sort the order of the GPs and remove accelerated wear.