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  1. Ha. Had a shot at Finland. First stage was awesome, probably a PB. The rest were all laughably bad.

    Pretty sure I know exactly why though - I tried driving with dashcam instead of cockpit, and it felt amazing. Seemed like I could see the road so much better, so I could push way more. Hard to tell but I reckon my pace was much quicker than usual, and either way it certainly felt fast. Of course, the flipside of that was I ended up clipping trees and rolling out by taking corners too fast (I'm never normally going fast enough for this to be a problem...).

    The many punctures and resets saw any competitiveness go out the window, but boy did I have a lot of fun.

  2. Time constraints are annoying. The bug with the league during the group A season probably didn't help with keeping people interested either.

    I did manage to give my favourite location a shot today though! Came in cold, having only raced in dailies for the last month or so. Turns out my concentration was severely lacking, and after a double-figures number of offs I rage-retired near the start of SS3. Not even remotely competitive. Hopefully I can put together a better showing next weekend!

  3. YoMrWhite said:
    I would have liked to get a shot at you guys... Sigh.
    It sucks you couldn't get in. I was really looking forward to seeing if I could manage to finish ahead of you in Wales - now passing you on the overall leaderboard feels hollow :(

    Still, the position 3-5 battle was pretty tight indeed!

    EDIT: Just noticed @YoMrWhite (and probably others) aren't appearing in the league standings any more. I guess this is linked to the racenet downtime/problems from today.  :/

  4. Wales went OK. Seems like both Headquake and vajb had a pretty bad time on the last long stage, as I made up a big chunk of time. Final stage was going well until I clipped something and went face-first into a tree on the inside of the last corner in the last group of trees. Finished a couple of secs behind vajb.

    I'm sure since getting through the crazy-endurance-survival-trophy at the end of last season I've been driving so much better. Consistency over speed seems to be working out quite well - I've certainly got many more points than last season! Just got to keep the consistency consistent.  :D

  5. Yeah, sounds good. If it were up to me, I wouldn't mind a rule of not repeating any class until they've all been done, so we get a season with every class. I completely understand that some classes are much less... enjoyable than others though, which varies from person to person, so maybe it isn't such a good idea to everyone. Just putting it out there.

  6. The only reason I usually need to Alt+F4 is when for whatever reason my internet has a moment and the time upload/leaderboard download gets stuck. I get into a loop of 'can't connect' -> I press ok, it retries -> 'can't connect' -> etc. Only way to get back to the menus is to quit out and restart (unless there's another way I'm missing?). In fact, this happened to me in the wager today - had to alt+f4 out and my time wasn't recorded. Goodbye 200000 credits :(

    Feels unfair in these cases, so a single alt+f4 followed by insta-retire if you do it again seems to make sense. It's not ideal though. I suppose if you think of situations like that as a random mechanical failure or something that would force you to retire, then the no-quitting-whatsoever system is just fine.

  7. That could have gone better... I could have actually finished a stage. :D

    Clipped a snow bank just after the first hairpin and ended up sliding a good 500 metres or so with the car on its side and coming to a rest still on the side. Had to take a recovery penalty to get upright and going again so thought you know what, I'll just go full-on for the rest of the stage and perhaps make up some time - nothing to lose at this point. A large number of spins and rolls later and that car was in no state to continue. Result: retired before the end of stage 1. Better luck everyone else!

  8. Now, normally RWD and I don't get on very well. Today however, somehow went smoothly and despite a few spins (including two in the exact same place, in both runs of Pra D'Alart) I'm currently 3rd. What's more, I had an absolute blast driving the Kadett. Can't remember the last time I drove it, but boy is it a lot of fun.

    Obviously, my position won't last, but if I score points it's a victory for me ;) Either way, bring on more 70s action, seems I've been missing out on it!

  9. Made it! My trusty Impreza 2001 was making plenty of strange noises toward the end, and had almost non-existent acceleration in Greece, but it got there eventually. Good fun.

    Took it slow and steady throughout, which actually made for quite a pleasant drive. Maybe a little too slow though, given I'm a good 12 minutes behind @Headquake ...  :D Mind you, over 270km that's only 2 and half seconds per km or so... still quite a lot I guess.  ;) 

    Really enjoyed the format @SkyRex , keeping just the two services will keep it tense for the long section. I definitely agree with moving Finland into the first part, so we can see just how much damage it's done and adjust driving on the later stages accordingly. Get that stress out of the way early. I think I probably held back too much in Wales and Greece this time, purely because I was so worried about the effects of the hard landings from Finland. Loving this league!

  10. Amazing what an effect confidence can have. Everything was going swimmingly until the start of SS5 when I drove straight off the road trying to turn on my wipers for the first water splash... yeah. But let's not talk about that, other than to say it was very silly and things fell apart after that. ;)

    Thanks @SkyRex for setting up this league, I've had a blast so far! Totally agreed with @RinusRally - this feels like proper rallying  :) Roll on the next season!

  11. Grrr, doing fairly well hanging in 6th throughout, then royally messed up on SS6 by clipping some spectators on a hairpin (I swear I didn't actually touch them...) followed by hitting a sign a few corners later and getting a puncture. Dropped to 8th, pulled out a great run on the last stage... and still finished 8th. About 1.5 secs behind 6th. :D Ah well, still set two PBs, so I'm happy! And I'll be even happier if I end up with points ;)