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    The only reason I usually need to Alt+F4 is when for whatever reason my internet has a moment and the time upload/leaderboard download gets stuck. I get into a loop of 'can't connect' -> I press ok, it retries -> 'can't connect' -> etc. Only way to get back to the menus is to quit out and restart (unless there's another way I'm missing?). In fact, this happened to me in the wager today - had to alt+f4 out and my time wasn't recorded. Goodbye 200000 credits :( Feels unfair in these cases, so a single alt+f4 followed by insta-retire if you do it again seems to make sense. It's not ideal though. I suppose if you think of situations like that as a random mechanical failure or something that would force you to retire, then the no-quitting-whatsoever system is just fine.