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    Things to look into for F1 2021

    I’d like to see; pit or grid walk, so you can look around the garage, cars, drivers and engineers, maybe see something that could help develop your car track walk or cycle, so you can look closely at circuit design, track conditions and grip levels pre qualifying and race, maybe talk to team bosses or drivers for potential contracts change car development system, to hide the potential of upgrades until they have been completed, adding more realism In-depth strategies pre and in race maybe at 50% and 100% distance, compared to other teams predicted strategies, control myteam team mate strategy, more information from Geoff on required lap time in race More in race car management, controlling tyre, brake, engine temps, required lap times for position Team or team mate advice on setups, share setups with team mate if they are under performing in myteam Limit what second driver can do, and more control for first choice driver in team, on car, team, development and race strategy, maybe through contact negotiations Gameplay modification to slow ai cars down by having more minor driving mistakes like brake lockups and driving lines More helmet design customisation, maybe allowing player to add text and numbers Modify team mate rivalry to count and show fastest lap, qualifying and race result count for whole season, to increase competition between you and them Change acclaim levels; with press interviews around the circuits maybe pits, grid, team trailer, and meet the fans (changes per circuit), crashes, overtakes, following team strategy correctly maybe by helping first choice driver