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  1. WigglyStyle

    Fanatec F1 how many buttons available for Ps4/Ps5?

    I have this wheel. The left analog stick is the only thing that can’t be used in f1 2020 on PS.
  2. WigglyStyle

    Nerf the Assists

    I kinda agree with you. Using assits shouldn’t make you slower, or take away performance. I just think that if you drive over the limit, the assists need to be more agressive when they kick in. ABS is imo the most ridiculous right now. The way abs can perform an almost perfect trail brake by slamming down on the brake all the way to the apex. It’s not realistic and kinda op in current game. But the biggest reason i think the assits need to be more intrusive, is simply because F1 Car don’t have TC or ABS (!). And therefore the tc and abs shouldn’t work like its a gt3 sim like acc. Its f1 and thats why i think the assits should only be an aid for casual/new players to quickly get into and be able to enjoy the game. In its current state the assits can be used to gain different comptetive advantages in many ways, and as a helping hand, preventing the player from ever making a mistake.
  3. WigglyStyle

    Nerf the Assists

    I shouldn’t have said anything about the tt thing, because it only triggers the cheaters discussion. My point was only that the assits in its current state, ruins any potential for a competetive and fun multiplayer experience.
  4. WigglyStyle

    Nerf the Assists

    The assists in current f1 2020 is way too helpful. The fact that ”you can drive faster without assits” is basically only true for the e-sport level drivers. And the potential to gain a tenth against the risk of spinning/locking up is not really motivating people to remove their training wheels. I understand and agree that the assists need to be there. But imo you need to be able to find the rewards of learning to drive without assists earlier. Example: abs should result in longer breaking distance and create more understeer on turn-in. TC acually restricting the exit speed/ apex rotation. Atm its basically just there to prevent any consequences from making a mistake. when its possible and pretty common for people to get into the low 1.07s in tt at monaco, using abs tc and auto gears, something is wrong imo. Its kind of slap in the face to the drivers who sweated for hundreds of laps to get there, using no assists.
  5. WigglyStyle

    F2 online lobby sprint race

    It would be nice if we were able to start an online lobby, and only do the sprint race without having to do the feature race first. This became a problem for us this weekend, in a F2 league race. After we had finished our feature race, and was forming up on the grid from the formation lap for the sprint race, we experienced a lobby glitch. The game got stuck forever, and we decided to leave the lobby, and start a new sprint race with custom grid. This is when we realised that its impossible to create a sprint race without first having a feature race!? It all ended up in a cancelled sprint race... And 16 sad racers. To me, this seems like it would be possible to fix. And I really hope it will. Platform: Playstation
  6. WigglyStyle

    improve the damage

    Floor damage and slow punctures would be fantastic!
  7. WigglyStyle

    Parc fermé Bug or intended?

    Was it an intentional change with the latest patch, that it's now possible to change off-diff and tyre pressure in parc fermé?
  8. WigglyStyle

    Weekly Event

    @Lurtz Maybe people ran the race again and improved their result?
  9. WigglyStyle

    Weekly Event

    @janbonator Found something! SCHEDULE 1 – ONLINE EVENT SCORING 18.1.Online Event scoring is calculated based on the following: a) Total time score = (Target Race Time – Player Time) x 1000 b) Best Lap Score = (Target Lap Time – Player Time) x 1000 c) Clean Lap Bonus = Number of Clean Laps x 3250 d) Clean Race Bonus = Clean Laps Bonus x 0.5 * Only awarded if all laps are clean e) No Flashback Bonus = Laps without Flashback x 1000 f) Difficulty & Assist Modifiers = Score x (difficulty% +assist %) = Total Score 18.2.The following target race times must be beaten for a player to score greater than 0 in the Total time category: a) Monza Target Race Time = 01:16:22 b) Circuit of the Americas Target Race Time = TBC 18.3.The following target lap times must be beaten for a player to score greater than 0 in the Best lap category: a) Monza Target Lap Time = 1:54.800 b) Circuit of the Americas Target Lap Time = TBC 18.4.The difficulty modifier is scaled linearly from 0% to 11% where 0 difficulty gives 0% and 110 difficulty gives 11%. 18.5.Assist modifiers are set to the following: a) Max Difficulty Modifier = 11% b) Clean Race = 50% c) AbsOff=4% d) Traction Control Off = 4% e) Traction Control Medium = 2% f) Manual Gears = 4% g) Manual Gears Suggested = 2% h) DRL Off = 5% i) DRL Corners = 0.5% j) Pit Assist Off = 0% https://downloads.f1esports.com/Rules/2020/F1_Esports_2021_Qualification_Rulebook_v1_0.pdf
  10. WigglyStyle

    Weekly Event

    Love this ^ exactly! If I know what im doing wrong/ can do better. Its more motivating to do better. Thanks for the reply!
  11. WigglyStyle

    Weekly Event

    I was kinda curious to figure out how the point system in the weekly event works? And the only info i can find is that it is based on skill, speed, and assist. I took a look at the leaderboard for this week. I was currently ranked 140. Not to bad. But I noticed that the majority of the ones who ranked above ran multiple assist and had a slower Q. time. It got me a bit confused since I ran the weekend with no assists, no accidents, got fastest time in all sessions, and won the race. (Had one tracklimit warning). im not saying that the people who ranked better didn’t deserve it. Im sure they did and I am the first to congratulate them. Well played! but Im just curious about a points breakdown. Some hints (clear facts) on what will gain you point and what will loose you points. It would make the weekly event much more fun if I could try and set up and plan and a strategy, going in to a weekend. There is a risk that i have missed something obvious. If that is the case. You are welcome to call me an idiot, and point me in the right direction.
  12. WigglyStyle


    Team: GeForce F1 Engine: Merc
  13. WigglyStyle

    MyTeam Monaco HELP

    Softer spring on the front. Softer roll-bar on the rear.
  14. WigglyStyle

    Pitlane order

    I really much wish that the pitlane order would adjust the previous seasons result in the career modes. It was a big hope of mine for 2019, and then for 2020. Can 2021 possibly be my year? ...I really hope so.