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  1. Stephenpc80

    More in sorrow than in anger

    Great news. I managed to set the game down for a few days and now have completely broken the habit. No desire to go back to it and in fact I’ll never get into another Codemasters game again! Chalk it up to experience
  2. Stephenpc80

    More in sorrow than in anger

    Thanks man, these are great points. I’m seeing a very, very slow improvement with the practice and I totally agree with you on the importance of it. It’s the little muscle memory points and fraction-of-a-second reactions that add up to big improvements over a stage. I’m still playing the game and because they took it off the Game Pass I had to buy it outright... so will keep persisting!
  3. Stephenpc80

    More in sorrow than in anger

    I’m actually ok on the RWD, and on going slowly and keeping control. I’m just not improving despite putting probably 100+ hours into the game. What I think would really help is (1) AI that makes it a fun challenge, not coming 28/29/30 every time; and (2) groups for the human drivers, so instead of always being 897th or whatever and 1m 15 behind the leader, you could be in the top 50 of your group. I guess it’s just perception - I’m probably improving, but feels like the game doesn’t want to admit it 😂
  4. Stephenpc80

    More in sorrow than in anger

    Yeah I hear you. Sometimes I really enjoy it. What ****** me off is there’s little sense of improvement, for me anyway. It’s just one step forward, five steps back. I just finished Ribadelles in a RWD car and it took 4 mins over the best time. But I went up 100 places in the rankings because so many didn’t finish or gave up! I just don’t think it’s a sign of a fair difficulty level
  5. Stephenpc80

    More in sorrow than in anger

    Have tried Dirt 4 and it’s ok. Really just wish 2.0 had a bit more balance in the AI and a bit less ruthlessness in the early stages
  6. This game is such a piece of work. So incredibly infuriating. I don't want to use the "D" word (difficulty) but it's really of an ordeal more than a game. There's no gradual improvement and associated dopamine hits to sow the seeds of enjoyment and keep you coming back. It's just a brutal battering from start to finish, a regular reinforcement that you're wasting your time trying to get better. I know it's a simulation. I know it's realistic. I'm fine with that, but there has to be some element of fun or enjoyment in it. As you swing uncontrollably backwards and crash intro trees and fall off cliffs and log times 20 seconds longer per stage than the AI or the competition - ask yourself... are you *really* enjoying this? It's a Codemasters problem. The F1 games are the same, a tiresome slog with little to make you return. I have a terrible habit of addicting myself to driving games, and I'll have to stick with this for the moment, but I absolute cannot wait until I set it down never to return to another Codemasters game. I don't need to adjust difficulty settings. I don't need to practise more. I don't need patience. These are things for real life. I just need a game where someone has adequately pitched the difficulty curve properly. Rant over.