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  1. Hi, Codemasters, I don't know if you guys can help me but we have a serious problem in GRID (2019). The community, unfortunately, became small and in paragon with other game community is really a small percentage. The problem is really simple, we have people in this small community who using cheats every single day and we know unfortunately cheating becomes easy in every kind of game and is almost impossible to stop it, but that why today we call you, yes I say we because we are more than 30 persons who want ask you to ban these people, we took enough evidence and record everyt
  2. I know is me, hi I'm Adriano I'm from Italy and I live and work in Norway, why an Italian live in Norway? I don't know, destiny. I play Grid since 2009 and even if the community is really small I still play it and enjoy it always
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