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  1. I downloaded the patch when it came out, but it was definitely the first time I tried the default balanced setup after the patch, so it could be that. Also, I'm not using any assists, and I even deleted my custom control profile and tried changing FFB strength and calibrations but the issue still persists on the balanced default setup. (You can watch the video I tagged in the initial report)
  2. I tried doing all of these things. There was no difference. As I said, it only happens on the balanced default setup for some reason!
  3. YES @BarryBL I tried multiple things and I found out that it happens only on the DEFAULT BALANCED setup
  4. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. I had been using the G29 on F1 2020 since the launch date. The force feedback had been working fine but since yesterday (October 11, 2020), FFB through high speed corners has gotten reversed. For example, turning right through Copse, the wheel offers no resistance and gives FFB in the direction of the corner. So I'm turning right for Copse and the wheel adds extra force towards the right. Did I change any settings? -NO. I just increased FFB strength (in-gam
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