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  1. Syurli

    Why i been banned from racenet?

    Of course, if it reappears...In fact, I tried to enter the game again an hour ago, but it no longer prompts me to be banned. I think it might be my network problem? If it appears again, I will submit the screenshot to you. The previous situation was to tell me that the server was busy, and relinking again would prompt me to be banned. This situation does not appear anymore. Thank you for your help and attention : P
  2. Syurli

    Why i been banned from racenet?

    Thank you for your attention. If it is caused by the language file, I can use the English version to play in the future, even though my English is not so good. But if you can, please unblock my online mode. I really did not cheat and never thought about cheating. Thanks again for your reply: )
  3. Syurli

    Why i been banned from racenet?

    sure,i have change it ,i am sorry for my chrome auto translate : )
  4. Syurli

    Why i been banned from racenet?

    Yes, I have uninstalled it and restored the game files, but it is still banned.
  5. Syurli

    Why i been banned from racenet?

    Hello pj, my steamID is Syurli. I have published my game library. I think you should be able to easily confirm whether I have a genuine Dust game. I even pre-ordered Dust 5. Dust series games can be purchased directly and normally on Steam (in China and without vpn), but there is no Chinese language support, the reason I have said.
  6. Syurli

    Why i been banned from racenet?

    Thank you very much for your reply. I only downloaded the game today. I don’t even know where to download the mod. My game file is brand new, but I did download and install a simplified Chinese package to change the language of my game (dust I was represented by Tencent in my country, so the steam version does not support my language), but what is certain is that it is definitely not a cheating software, and the attachment always fails to upload, so I provide the onedrive link: ) [removed] Anyone can try to install this software to see if it has a cheating function, but please make sure that the position pointed to by the arrow in the lower left corner is not checked. If it is checked, some junk adware will be installed. Circle 1 is to install simplified Chinese, circle 2 is to restore English, and circle 3 is to exit (the forum page for making it will pop up when you exit the software).
  7. Hello everyone, I am a newcomer to the dirt series games. Although I have purchased 6 dust games on steam, I am still a cute newcomer. As shown in the screenshot in my attachment, my rally 2.0 only played 7.2 For hours, I bought it a long time ago, but almost never played it. Until today, the G920 steering wheel I bought has arrived. I downloaded it back on Steam. It was normal for me to log in for the first time at noon and night (Beijing time) today. After I set up the g920, I logged out once. When I logged into the game again, the connection was unsuccessful. I tried several times and saw this tragedy prompt, which told me that my online mode was banned. : (, I’m pretty sure I definitely did not cheat in the dirt rally 2.0, I can even accept the inspection of my computer, can anyone contact the official staff to help me? (I’m sorry that the above text uses Google translation) here is my steam web url https://steamcommunity.com/id/Syurli/