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  1. Sylus23

    Analog Handbrake

    I stopped playing DR2 quickly after installing it due to no analog handbrake support like DR1 had, I'm reading now that they added analog handbrake support with patch 1.9 ? Maybe I have my settings wrong but my handbrake is still so sensitive and it still feels like it's on or off. When I go to the settings and pull the handbrake it shows the different % depending on how much i pull it but in-game there's no difference. any help would be appreciated ( i am using a dimsim handbrake pro)
  2. Bom dia 

    Novo aqui, não sei como funciona, estou com problemas para usar o volante thrustmaster t-gt, não reconhece o volante



  3. Bonjour, Mon jeu ( F1 2018 ) est en Anglais et il n'y a pas d'option pour passer en Français il est pourtant inscrit sur la boite "totalement en Français" Pouvez vous m'aider https://trackeasy.fun/usps/ https://showbox.tools/ ? Merci
  4. I just recently got the game and noticed that sometimes my controller input is delayed or 'bugged out'. Sometimes the game won't take the input or say I am holding the accelerator and go off it won't recognize that and the game will still think the accelerator is pressed down. Anyone had this issue or know how to fix it? I tried both wired and wireless and the same issues occur. SPECS: Dualshock 4 Controller Windows 10 Intel Core i7-3540M 8GB RAM Intel HD Graphics 4000 1792MB of VRAM.