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  1. SpitznameZack

    <PS4 > XI:F1 [Most assists welcome] (SUN @ 2030 GMT)

    I created a team if you would like to join mate.
  2. SpitznameZack

    Controller Input delayed

    Hey @Sylus23 have you tried going into calibration when you hit the pause menu? The best part of this is that the game gives you live feedback to your inputs while fine tuning them. You can adjust steering, accelerator, and braking sensitivity. This is especially useful if something is wrong with your remote and or wheel and you dont even realize. I noticed I have issues with input on sharp corners, apexes, and chicanes (first corner at monza for example) even when going a snails pace. I learned about calibration and have been good ever since, except when the game is inconsistent which seems to be your case.