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    WRC 9

    Yeah in my wrc 3 fiesta, in replay, the headlights toggle on/off n'sync with my braking. Also if I hit a movable object during my run; during replay the object is not in the original spot where I hit it, rather it is in the spot that it's settled after I hit it. So in the replay at the moment I hit the object it looks as if I run into absolutely nothing. There's plenty of other things that I've noticed that you guys already mentioned but I hadn't seen anybody say anything about the replays that I just said. I do very much enjoy WRC 9 on the wheel though more so than dirt but they're just looks so much better Anastasia's on WRC are pretty great but they don't have the fine detailing that the dirt stages have. In WRC though when she gets tight **** is tight and the jumps I feel the cars move a lot more similarly to the rally planes