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  1. Hi. Is the patch live? I can't check right now.
  2. Fair enough, but I'm really curious to see how much time Ferrari will lose per lap. I hope it reflects real life performance and it's not just a small nerf that puts it slightly behind Honda in the beginning of the first season. This year the engine has proven to be very subpar and way behind the other 3 manufacturers in terms of performance and development.
  3. So a nerf, at least for the first couple of seasons. I'm not saying that the engine should be handicapped all the way to the ultimate upgrades, but it should start behind the other 3. Removing some upgrades is a good way of doing it, since Ferrari had to build their PU from scratch this year anyway.
  4. At least the Ferrari powered cars were nerfed, so that's... something? EDIT: I meant about career mode
  5. I really hope they are talking about existing saves. At least give us the option if we want to apply the nerf in a new MyTeam. Having an OP engine just for the sake of balance is immersion breaking and totally pointless. I will be really disappointed if the nerf doesn't affect MyTeam at all.
  6. Hi @BarryBL. Thanks for letting us know. Is there any chance we will have the patch this week, or will it come the next week? I aim to start a new MyTeam and I would like to have realistic car performance.
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