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  1. I’d like to help but that was almost 2 months ago, the set up has changed considerably since then. my current set ups are 1. The car I drive now.
  2. I’d like to help but that was almost 2 months ago, the set up has changed considerably since then. I’m not a secretive person and if I could I would, the shape was very similar to setup 3. my current set ups are Setup 1. The car I drive now. PI 2097. ( really hanging out for Propeller Shaft and Hydraulic Distributor upgrades). Setup 2. The max PI I can setup the car to, but it’s not very fast and only occasionally drive it in “Single” race PI 2219 ( +5 for upgrade) ( Setup 3 is faster than this setup even with the 320 PI difference.) Setup 3. The combination of highest li
  3. It,s a clean driving rating. The cleaner you drive the higher rating you get, cut a corner have a minor collision with opponent or AI touch a wall and it goes down, that is why in constantly changes.
  4. Anyone working on a fix??, spa is crashing on me when trying grid start in the Schumacher event.
  5. I notice the other day some tracks downloaded again, out of the above list the following tracks appear to load properly in “Grid Start” and “Sprint” Zandvoort Buka Spa Monza Suzuka, The following tracks still crash Austin Yas Marina Mexico. have not tried the other tracks yet, maybe today. as a thought maybe try removing 1/2 dozen cars and see if that helps. I’m old and know nothing about programming, when I went to school what I learnt about computers was binary and punch cards.
  6. The following 10 tracks crash to desktop on my 2020 iPad Air 3rd Generation when trying “Single” race Grid Starts and Sprints. These same tracks run Grid Start and Sprints without fault in “Duels.” I have been unable to compete and complete some “Events” due to tracks crashing to desktop with Grid Starts. ie: Mexico “0PI Event” and Austin in the current “Halloween Event” Austin Zandvoort Yas Marina Baku Spa Monza Mexico Monte Carlo Marina Bay Suzuka I have reset the iPad back to Factory default updated to latest IOS, installed F1
  7. Had another race at Austin, both of us clip turn 11, flat out drag of 145klm ( 90 mph) down the full length of the back straight with drs open. shaking my head.
  8. The cut corner penalty is too great now specially when you get bumped off the track. I notice other competitors just quitting the race when they get the penalty and I don’t blame them. You end up 5, 6 + seconds behind by the time the penalty is served and it’s not like you have 5 or 10 laps to make the time difference.
  9. Probably is, I haven’t been playing very long but I have noticed PI doesn’t have as great an effect as assists. I started with the default the game gives you but it didn’t take long to work out that by customising your assists can take seconds of your lap time without changing your PI. I run 2 different setups 1 PI is 1793 which I use for grid starts and the other is 2106 which I use for Qually and sprint. overall the lap time difference between these 2 setups is on average about 1/2 to 3/4 of a second. the 1793 setup appears quicker off the line shorter braking and faster
  10. I just tried Austin, go wide and end with corner cut penalty, I think they should add a “exceeding track limit” penalty, because corner cut is inaccurate.
  11. I’ve done 501 duels so far in October by looking at the league stat.
  12. Like others, grid start, sprint, in single race and 0 PI Event on the Mexico track won’t load and crashes to desktop. qualifying is fine and surprisingly sprint in duel challenge works, haven’t had a grid start in duel at Mexico yet to see if that works. have tried all suggested fixes.
  13. My car is just not fast enough with my skills, on 5 lap races I need 3 seconds a lap faster than my pb. On single lap races I need to be 5 seconds faster than my pb. I have however got 3 of the 5 tickets no sure how. I think I got 1 for getting 100% in the Brazil 0 Pi event.
  14. Hi people, just started playing this game a few weeks ago. I got to say have had a bad start today, Monaco, Singapore, Monaco, Monaco, Monaco, Sochi, Monaco, Singapore. Monaco and Singapore would have to be my least favourite tracks. Is it just me or is Monaco the most common track that pop up for duels.
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