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  1. Had contacted Codemasters about the issue and the only response is a sorry.  The disc being for US region , the DLC has to be purchased on an PSN account thats connected to US store / geography .

    Now this is ridiculous since the PSN store lets you purchase DLC's and there is no way to check game compatability at that time . There is no notification  or warning shown even

    Given that customers pay for the DLC's and end up not  having a way to use it ( or return it ) its a huge waste of money and time. Codemasters should take this seriously to make sure DLC's work across all game disc's irrespective of location.  After all the game and dlc was purchased. They seem to be very casual about this and dont seem to care .

  2. Iam facing the same issue with the disc and PS store DLC purchases . i use the game disc with "ALL" and none of the dlc's showup. 

    And as indicated in the thread the PS store itself does not open from the game saying content cannot be loaded. 

    Also the DLC's purchased while they show as installed in the PS4 Library none of them appear in the game .

    Given this is a issue thats been raised a long time Codemasters must have fixed this . 

    Has anyone got this issue resolved ?   Don't see a point buying content and not being able to use it . Hope Codemasters can fix such a trivial issue.

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