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    G29 wheel settings question

    Well the FFB in this game is pretty broken. Have just tried this game recently and i'm disappointed. I'm a big fan of Dirt Rally 1/2 and PC2. I'm used to their FFB that give every information you need. When you loose adherence, you know it, you can clearly find the breaking steering point in those games. In F1 2020, you feel nothing. Just the wheel is hard to turn and that's all. You don't feel anything when you loose adherence or when you take it back... it's terrible. Not to mention that you can't turn at all as stated above. I have a real problem to turn in hard corners... even at low speed (30 km/h) the car doesn't turn properly lol... never happened in any other game. Played Formula A in PC2 and it turns perfectly... Not to mention that PC2 physics is near perfection as AC...
  2. Whatever the difficulty is, everything is artificial, they don't react as a real pilot would... Even the cars don't behave as yours is. Try this : 1. In a straight, be next an AI opponent and push his car with yours till his wheels are on the grass, what does happen ? Nothing, he doesn't loose adherence, he doesn't loose control, he doesn't loose speed. 😃 2. During the start, don't move your car, nothing, you just stay in place at the start of the race. AI will crash into you As simple as that, AI can't behave properly when you don't move, how can you expect it to behave properly when you move and take some last second decisions ? Yes, it can't. AI doesn't respect your trajectory (when behind you) even though it's obvious that you have to take that trajectory as it's the best one. Nope, AI will bump into you and push you away from the track. Ai will never change its trajectory taking your in account. When you are the one behind, ok, it's fair but when you are the one in front and the AI car is licking your ass, the AI has to drive clean and break if it cannot pass you without any collision risk. Only way to have a proper race ? To play with an AI that is way lower than your driving level. Players that outplay AI 110 are players that for exemple have a 1:02.xxx hot lap on Red Bull Ring while the AI at this level is around 1:04.xxx/1:05.xxx. It's broken and it was exactly the same 10 years ago. Is there any difference between PC and Console AI ? PS : never had any problem driving against either high level kart driver nor low level drivers in the same race. Never had any crash or trajectory problem. When i know i was in a good position to overtake without "blocking" the opponent, i overtake and keep my line, when i know i'm not in a good position to do it (not enough speed or needing to force it in a corner), i don't overtake, i stay behind and wait the next occasion to do it properly...
  3. Amazing ? Really ? I haven't played a F1 game since 2009 or something, "nothing" has changed since then... And you call this a great AI while you are playing with full assist... Go play the game at AI 100+ without assist and you will see how bad it is : - Other pilots go faster than you in staight line no matter what - Other pilots exit corners faster than you even if they have a really bad placement - At the start of the race, even if in the 1st/2nd and 3rd gear you are faster than them with 100% accelerator, suddenly they go faster than you - In corners, they have super duper mega traction/adhesions - Other pilots that are behind you don't care and will push you out of the circuit or cut your trajectory; they don't break if it's needed to avoid a crash Difficulty is artificial and not actual AI taking the right decision to overtake or to stay behind and adapting its way of driving depending its position on the track. I don't know if you guys have already driven IRL (karting for exemple) but it's not how it works IRL : you have to respect your opponent trajectory if he is in front of you, period. Well, everything is a joke. And yes, i won't speak about physics cause it's even worst... And what i see is some players appauding how improved it is. Believed the press and some forum posts, won't do it anymore. Now i know why simracers avoid this serie.