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  1. This is basically to know if there will be an update of new cars and drivers in this game or if we have to wait until the next edition comes out. I imagine that for the new game to come out there are approximately four months left, while the new formula 1 season begins in a little over 1 month and we already have both all the drivers signed and little by little the new designs of the cars and their suits. From now on I thank you all and I apologize for my bad English
  2. bro a question, how do I update the performance of the pilots on PC?

    I never got any of those updates in the game, neither the one from 2 months ago nor the one from days ago, since I still have latifi with 62, gasly with 80 and everything like when the game barely came out and the truth is that it did not I know what I have to do !! help please

  3. Yes, the tactic of skipping the first two questions and choosing durability then is very good, although in my little correction, when you choose durability in the last question then it gives you 3 best of this, both the gearbox and the left and right of it, for which I particularly prefer to choose the best engine that gives you only 2 improvements and then the first resource points that I get I spend on durability to equalize this, so at the beginning it becomes more real and difficult the Anyway, what's more, the good thing about the last one responding in durability is that it is the cheape
  4. That would be a good option, I always what I do is make everything more difficult and do a few free practice sessions to progress little by little and make it more realistic, because I don't see much of the grace in the first season to become a car that fight for podiums and even victories and then in the second it is very easy to become the best car on the grid, which you calmly achieve in the first races of this season and drivers as de vries already manage to be better than hamilton are your deserve ... Likewise, the capable mode should let everyone put their car in the place they want
  5. I just hope that what they mean is that the Ferrari engine will be the best to choose at the beginning of the game, but that the promised performance will be updated in all modes, although I do imagine that it is only for people who restart their race mode, but come on, it's what most of us are waiting for, and I also hope that by lowering the performance of haas and alfa romeo, that when we just start our car is not better than that of those teams, since even if you choose the option of Honda engine and improvements in durability or engine, which is the worst performance, you are always bette
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