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  1. Not only that the changes were not applied, but in the my team mode in season three they returned to the performance of day 0, all the lost progress, and on top of the department improvements in my teammate does not count for anything, so basically Not only did they fool us with the performance improvements, but accepting this completely hurt me my team
  2. This is basically to know if there will be an update of new cars and drivers in this game or if we have to wait until the next edition comes out. I imagine that for the new game to come out there are approximately four months left, while the new formula 1 season begins in a little over 1 month and we already have both all the drivers signed and little by little the new designs of the cars and their suits. From now on I thank you all and I apologize for my bad English
  3. bro a question, how do I update the performance of the pilots on PC?

    I never got any of those updates in the game, neither the one from 2 months ago nor the one from days ago, since I still have latifi with 62, gasly with 80 and everything like when the game barely came out and the truth is that it did not I know what I have to do !! help please

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