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  1. ioann977

    Season Mode

    It’s there. At the driver career section choose the real season section, pick the driver you want, and the gp you want to begin (Bahrain I suppose cause is the first one).
  2. Hi, I play with 50% race, entry diff level 88 in season 1 (no assists). On the issue of perfomance reduction from season 3 onwards in relation to competition (teammate and other teams) i personally apply the following solution. I start each new season (from the 3rd onwards) with the difficulty level of the previous one, up to the Barcelona Gp. In the qualifying of this gp, depending on the difference in lap times between me and the teammate, I adjust the difficulty accordingly in the known way (for every tenth of difference I raise or lower 1 point of difficulty). So I at least manag
  3. You convinced me to give a try to your way. Just a couple of questions. You said before that fuel loads doesn’t matter for the practice test with the medium tyres. what about the engine wear? when some parts start having significant wear, I use them in practice and change them before qualifying. This does not affect my lap times? How can I be sure about the difference between teammates and own lap times? And why to watch the 2nd practice particularly? Why not the 1st or the 3d? I mean my teammate uses the mediums in 1st practice. thanks.
  4. I think you can change the difficulty between sessions of the same weekend now
  5. If I want to compare fairly my teammates fastest laps with my own in practice, I must have knowledge about his fuel loads. Otherwise if I have similar lap times with heavy fuel loads while my teammate have light fuel loads is not possible to find the difficulty level. Personally every season I begin with last seasons difficulty level, until the Barcelona gp. In the qualifying of this Grand Prix, depending of the qualifying lap times of my teammate I then adjust the difficulty to match my teammates lap times. (My teammate is Felipe Masa). With this way I manage to have as much realist
  6. +1. Very good suggestion. Totally agree.
  7. ioann977

    Heavy wheel

    If this happening in your career mode, is because your vehicle bottoming much more. Because of your aero upgrades in r&d. Try a single Grand Prix to check.
  8. So if I understand, the bug is the message only. It not actually affects the game. Am I right? And what about when actually must get a penalty? In this occasion the game gives penalty? Or only the message only? does anyone tested that?
  9. Well.... Settings on PS4: 100% Race, full practice, full qualif, full damage, 90 AI difficulty, no assists (wheel controller) So I notice plenty of AI driving mistakes(especially when the wear on the tyres is growing), and from the moment I found my suitable difficulty level, I’m just enjoying the absolute realism on this brilliant game. Tottaly agree ndrst. ps . excuse my English
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