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  1. Also do not use fast forward or “return to garage” during the qual sessions
  2. So if I understand, the bug is the message only. It not actually affects the game. Am I right? And what about when actually must get a penalty? In this occasion the game gives penalty? Or only the message only? does anyone tested that?
  3. At first play with the same assists you used to play with pad. Just matter of 2-3 days to get used to it (depending on the hours you playing). After you reach your lap times just start to remove assists by one at the time. Enjoy your new wheel
  4. Svensenk86 means that the overall battery storage from 40-45% at the end of lap 13 (per example), at the beginning of the lap 14 returned to 95-98%. If that is the case, I agree that this destroys the reality.
  5. Tricky Sector 3, especially when in full race mode and in defending situations (it is possible after a lot of practice to pass flowing the sector maybe for consecutive 15-20 laps on rhythm, but in full race mode when get and a little bit tired.......) 1 DNF, 1 16th (from 8th and 6 th on the grid), and a couple of front wings damaged and punctures in my second season with Renault driver career on full race, cockpit mode. Hanoi is pure hell. 😤
  6. You are right mate. My mistake. As a conclusion only if you progress to Q3 (and want a New softs choice for the race), you must avoid to use one of the three softs to Q1 & Q2. If you don’t progress to Q3 the extra Soft of Pirelli is available for the race (as new) even if you have use the 3 available softs in Q1 & Q2.
  7. GnrDreagon, as in real life, the 4th soft compound, provided by Pirelli to the teams, is available only for Q3 (it called unofficially “the extra of Pirelli”), and is not available for the race. So, if you not qualify for Q3, and want New soft compound for the race, you must avoid to use one of the available first 3, for qual, soft compounds. If you qualify to qual 3 you use the 4th soft of Pirelli, and again avoid to use in qual 1 & 2 one of the first 3 softs. Is the only way to have available soft compound as new (in race). I m talking for 100% race mode in game, be
  8. In balanced allocation, when you start qualies you have 4 soft and 1 medium compound available for entire qual procedure. If you progress to qual 3 (having used the 2 softs in qual 1 & qual 2), choose the 4th in order of appearance soft compound and not the 3d. (The fourth Is the extra of Pirelli’s and is not available for the race). if you use the 4th soft in qual 3, you will have available for the race the 3d soft as NEW. ( You will begin the race on the used soft of qual 2, having available as new 1 soft, 2 mediums, 1 hard) In any case if you want to have available 1 NEW soft
  9. Well.... Settings on PS4: 100% Race, full practice, full qualif, full damage, 90 AI difficulty, no assists (wheel controller) So I notice plenty of AI driving mistakes(especially when the wear on the tyres is growing), and from the moment I found my suitable difficulty level, I’m just enjoying the absolute realism on this brilliant game. Tottaly agree ndrst. ps . excuse my English
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