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  1. It's been about a month since CM emailed me saying that it would return to the PS Store "soon". I check the store frequently in hopes it'll be there one of these days, but seriously? Yet it remains on every other country/region's store still. I know they've been busy with Dirt 5's release, but c'mon it can't be that hard to add it back to the store after this long
  2. Hey guys I got an email back from CM! They said that there were technical issues so they removed the separate DLC option. So it will be available with the Bundle, and the Bundle will return to the store "soon". Hope this helps!
  3. Edited because I can't find the Delete option for this post
  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one with this issue. I just got a VR setup with one of my main sources of excitement being able to finally play Rally in VR; but was immediately disappointed and confused as to why I could no longer purchase it. Like, why wouldn't you want to take my money? Please fix this, it would mean a lot to us!