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  1. Is the IA level in career mode is considered like a bug 😉 ? whatever, it would be cool if the IA c ame with a decent level in a next patch ....
  2. sardokard

    feedback upgrade game

    1) ADD the option in the menu: sequential + gearbox H + clutch +1 2) improve heavy rain in the night phase +1 5) 3 season pass ADD Rally Finland and Rally Greece corsica or san remo +1
  3. It s too late for season 2 requirement, so please for the 3rd : - Fix IA in career mod ! It s crazy that less than 50 people are able to win a stage in Pro mode ! - Finland Rally - Allow to choose between H-Shifer and sequential, depending on car (whithout have to do this manually) - Hillclimb (pike peak track and cars as in DR1) - add WRC cars (from late season) - add a new rally : corsica or san remo And thez game just will be perfect !