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    UDP Motion Delayed in Win 10 2004

    I have fixed the issue by making a change to our plugin. We were sleeping our thread while the udp buffer was still full. Consuming the full buffer before sleeping fixed it. Not sure why this was an issue with dirt rally 2 specifically, perhaps f1 doesn't send as fast... or the windows change allowed dirt rally 2 to send updates faster than our software could process it. Still a bit of a mystery, but it's fixed in simfeedback now.

    UDP Motion Delayed in Win 10 2004

    OOOKAY, I have written a plugin to handle custom_udp from dirt 2 and it's still delayed when delay=1 is set, really no difference to the regular udp. I was mistaken when I said that there was no delay with my accuforce wheel; that was just because it was using the game force feedback, and not the sim commander force feedback foundation. So, the issue persists. Cheers.

    UDP Motion Delayed in Win 10 2004

    Alright, this Dirt Rally 2 lag issue is a confusing one. I made my own program to read the codemasters telemetry and it does the same thing with delay=1, so it's not the simfeedback provider. My accuforce wheel uses custom_udp, with delay=1, which works fine with the wheel, no lag whatsoever. Soooo maybe the issue is specific to the default udp + delay=1 I'm going to have to write another test provider for custom udp + delay=1 to confirm.

    UDP Motion Delayed in Win 10 2004

    The current workaround is to use delay=2 in the hardware config for the game. Which works but its no where near as good as delay=1 was on windows 10 1903. If the timeBeginPeriod change in win 10 2004 is the cause then probably the only way to fix it will be a code fix in the game. Your programmers would know what i'm talking about 🙂 Thanks.

    UDP Motion Delayed in Win 10 2004

    The possible cause for this issue. https://randomascii.wordpress.com/2020/10/04/windows-timer-resolution-the-great-rule-change/
  6. As of Windows update 2004 udp motion telemetry is delayed by around 3 seconds when using delay=1 We are also using extradata=3 if that's important.. When using delay=2 the motion isn't delayed however the motion is only 50hz and low resolution. :( We have tried f1 2020 also and it doesn't appear to have this issue. Windows 10 1903 doesn't have this issue, and delay=1 works correctly. This has been observed on multiple different pcs, using latest Simfeedback software on Windows 10 2004. Cheers.