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  1. Hi, I´ve reinstalled my Windows 10. Now everything is working again. This should not be the desired solution, but it is how it is. Thanks to all which tried to help!
  2. Hi LogiUk, steviejay, thanks again for looking into this issue! After running the "Logitech Drive Cleaner", using "USB DeView" to rmeove all G29 related entries and uninstalling the G-HUB Software with the Geek installer the wheel rotation is recognized correctly!!! THX!! BUT - Now I have no Force Feedback at all. and I can´t use the Clutch pedal as the breaking pedal. When I try to assign the clutch (the very left padel) as break pedal it is recognized as "O" or zero "0" in F1 2020 Update: The pedal is now working, but is recognized as "0" or "O" So pls help. What else needs to be done to have FB working as well? Best regards from Germany.
  3. H steviejay69, thanks for your reply. I deleted also the existing control schemas and the .xml files, but with not success. The wheel rotation is still not working. I do have the same issue in F2019 Any other ideas? Are there other ways to get in contact with Codemasters Support?
  4. Hi, my Logitech G29 Wheel does not works fully in F1 2020 (and also in 2019) anymore. It worked for years now, but now it is does not work properly anymore, . In the Logitech G-Hub Software everythings works fine (see Video). But in the F1 games it rotates only from full left (100) to full right (-100). See issue in Video: I have re-installed G-Hub several times (Gee installer etc..). I tried also the old Logitech Gaming Software, same issue. Any help is welcome! Thanks DxDiag.zip