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  1. 100% agree! This is also a major issue destroying the fun factor of the multiplayer game. It desperately needs to get fixed, too! We are waiting for hours until the lobby can proceed, only because one participant has left the lobby or lost connection…
  2. Hi @all: F1 2021 in its current state is a disgrace. It's literally unplayable in multiplayer and especially it is NOT suitable as a serious eSport title. But at the same time you try to position it exactly as that. That's embarrassing. Are Jarno Opmeer, Simon Weigang etc pp for the F1 esports series even using the same software as we, the common people? We put in a lot of hours into league gaming, taking it seriously, sacrificing huge amounts of our free time to race with ambitions, but the moment the race starts its all wasted time now... Just check the Twitch Video @shio
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