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  1. I no longer hear the crowd noise during a race in Grid 2019. I can hear it before I get in the car, but once I'm rolling, I hear nothing. Is there a key or button to turn crowd noise on/off that I hit accidentally? Or is it a game glitch? I'm at level 74 and haven't heard the crowd noise since about level 40 give or take. Windows 10, G920 wheel and pedals, high end gaming computer. No mods, add ons, etc ever installed. Happens with every car and every track. I hope to get it working again as it really adds to the immersion of the game. Thanks
  2. Desafortunadamente, ese es el problema con los juegos multijugador, no puedes alejarte de los trolls y los saboteadores. Lo mejor que puedes hacer es unirte a una liga donde las carreras requieren contraseñas para unirse. Unfortunately, that's the problem with multiplayer games, you can't stay away from trolls and spoilers. The best thing to do is join a league where racing requires passwords to join.
  3. Yea, I know.. it's a dead thread but I'd also like to see Codemasters come out with a NASCAR game. I was hoping that Heat would be good but it is pretty bad. The only really decent NASCAR game available is iRacing and that ends up running into a lot of money. Sooo.. please Codemasters make a NASCAR game with multiplayer!
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