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  1. Jotew

    PS4 to PS5

    When buying the PS5, can you get your running career also to the PS5 or should you start a new career? I’m now playing on a PS4
  2. Jotew


    Mu mdf freezes when I use the on-board radio, more people has this issue? I cant ask something to my engineer.
  3. Jotew


    Im driving a lot eassier then 2020. I agree you cant see when you lockup. I can feel it in my steer when the ‘wheeldemper’ is ‘off’
  4. After every FP session you can change your AI level when you see the “computer screen”, just go to your settings once you are in Q1 you must play Q2 and Q3 with the same AI level. Before the race you can edit it when you think you need so. You dont have to retire any session
  5. No i am in FP3 and i can only choose the same practise programs as in FP2. Why? Is that because some programs are not full on green that I passed them?? this is the current status of my practise programs Racestrategy 4/5 Fuel management 4/5 Qualifying Tempo 4/5 Do you must have at least one program 5/5 to get an other program available? That would be stupid..
  6. Well started a test career to check but then instead of qualifying program I get tire management. But why can’t whe choose ourselfs which program to practise?
  7. Me to, also tyre management shows up sometime… but no track acclimatization. Somebody else knows why?
  8. I can do every program twice, so why can’t I do that one also? It also doesnt show the results or whatever? xD
  9. Yesterday I did the track acclimatization program, now in FP2 I cant find this program? I only can do Qualifying tempo, fuel program and race strategy program. I’m in a career with Haas, first race in Bahrein. Am I doing something wrong or isn’t it just there? Hope somebody can help me! 🙂
  10. So it is available in Steam but not on Playstation? Well done EA, all or nothing 😒
  11. It isnt a wrong release date… the standard version is available the 16th, the Deluxe version has 3 days early access, so the 13th.
  12. I still have the same problem and I use patch 1.13....... like everyone here i hope. still no sponsors on the car when viewing highlights.
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