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  1. Jotew

    Sponsor logo's MyTeam

    Hi There I know duo to privacy and rules Codemasters can not use every logo and just use custom and 'homemade' logo's and names. But why can a player like Aaraava, who's playing on Xbox i guess (see screenshot) can use other logo's then I can? Is there a way to add logo's when playing on a PS4? This is what I mean:
  2. I still have the same problem and I use patch 1.13....... like everyone here i hope. still no sponsors on the car when viewing highlights.
  3. Jotew

    Patch 1.12 | PATCH NOW LIVE

    https://www.racefans.net/2020/06/26/williams-reveals-new-livery-after-split-from-rokit/ this livery is different from what they are now showing. The front of the car is black below the blue line on the car. At the beginning this was white
  4. Jotew

    Patch 1.12 | PATCH NOW LIVE

    Does Williams changed his livery in real life with Black below the car in stead of white?
  5. Jotew

    Patch 1.12 | PATCH NOW LIVE

    Patch 1.12 or 1.11 🙂
  6. Jotew

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    Also live on PS4
  7. Jotew

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    I’m done waiting. This is my only week free from work... 🤣