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  1. FlyingFinn00

    Monza weekly event not functional bug report

    It works, I can qualify now.
  2. FlyingFinn00

    Error 500:H

    Same issue on PS4, could not qualify at all for the Belgian GP. And couldn't even get into the race. This is the last trophy I need and it is simply disgusting the level of neglect shown for this game and its servers, now that 2020 is out. @BarryBL Are you or any of the team going to look into this issue? I cannot even qualify for this weeks event at Monza. Practice was fine, but I'm getting Error 800:H every time I try to qualify. This needs to be fixed ASAP. Preferably before the event starts Saturday. EDIT - It's not even just a small minority of players affected by this, this even shows the trophy hasn't been earned since 4/10/20. Please fix. https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/9250-f1-2019/17-the-whole-event EDIT 2 - The Weekly Event leaderboards are showing that no one in the world has registered a qualifying time. This is a serious issue that needs fixing ASAP.