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  1. Hi. I've tried your code and same result. I also tried with another approach (in this case i tried the telemetry data but it's the same) void loop() { int packetSize = Udp.parsePacket(); if(packetSize == 1307){ char packetBuffer[packetSize]; Udp.read(packetBuffer, packetSize); PacketCarTelemetryData* recv_data; recv_data = (struct PacketCarTelemetryData *) &packetBuffer[0]; Serial.println(recv_data->m_carTelemetryData.m_gear); } } If i try to read the header data inside the TelemetryCarPacket, i can read it without problem like you. When i try to read data insid
  2. It doesn't seem like there's something wrong. Can you attach the .ino so I test it in local?
  3. Hi. Do you receive continuous packages during a race/qualify etc. session?
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