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    1.22 Gearbox Wear

    Version 1.22 PC, career mode season 1, Singapore GP, auto shifting I've had what I felt was excessive wear a couple times, but never captured any specifics. However, I started qualifying for the Singapore GP with 66% on my fitted gearbox. On the HUD as I started my quali lap it was showing I believe 76%, and at the end of my lap it was 80% when I returned to the pits. However, as I was sitting in the pits at 10x speed, gearbox wear kept going up. I would switch back and forth between setup and gearbox tabs, and the values kept moving up until the gearbox hit 100% wear with 5 or so minutes left in the session. I haven't tried to recreate it, but I will keep an eye out at the next race. Not looking forward to another grid drop.