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  1. Sorry for my behavior and these posts @steviejay69 It was never my intention to act like this, but I was accused here of being just a stupid guy who knows nothing about the game, when I just wanted to report a problem. And I don't take that, I hope you understand that too. He says he just wanted to help, but I doubt that. He only ever commented on what I said. As you can see there were other people who agreed with me and had the same problem. Until he came and challenged me a bit. @Y2kev if it was really your intention to help us then I'm really sorry that I reacted like that every time, but i
  2. Now I am very curious. As if you think your game is different from our game. Didn't you see the YT video I shared? It makes it very clear that you are wrong. Or are you scared to watch it? And I can't watch your video btw. If I want to watch that I have to pay for a program first. If I go to 'open with', there is nothing that works. Otherwise just share it on YT where you have the option to share privately so only the people with the link can see the video. And I really want to see that video, I am very curious what you are going to do next when you realise you are wrong. If it's mp4 I wo
  3. @Y2Kev Dude it's almost funny you still think you can manage ERS in QPP LOL! I am not talking about F1 2018 of 2019, I'm talking about a new game, F1 2020, ever heard of it? Qualifying pace program is in the practise sessions and it's not the same as the qualifying sessions. You probably won't believe me again so I looked it up on YT especially for you so you won't talk nonsense anymore that I don't know the game OMG. Here is the video. You can see, your ERS is locked at the QPP on mode 2 and the guy even says: 'during QPP you don't have to worry about fuel and ERS mode!' I'm curious what
  4. Dude @Y2Kev it really looks like you don't know the game. When in QPP you can't change manage your ERS dude so don't argue if you don't know anything about it, that's all I'm saying. I am only talking about the QPP. Of course you can manage your ERS in practice sessions, but not while doing QPP. And In btw in real life the top 10 drivers in practice mostly looks like the top 10 in qualifying with some little changes, but in the game in can happen that you end up in the top 14 when your car is second worst and that is not the problem of the difficulty because it's while qualifying you drop back
  5. I know that the times in practice are slower and they don't have to be as fast as the qualifyings, that's is not the problem. It's the QPP. And yes it does make a big difference. If you don't know this than you don't play it much. The difference between fuel most and fuel max can make around a half second or even a second faster, which is a very big difference. But still that isn't the problem. I'm talking about the QPP dude. There I can't even get qualifying time of place 20, but in the qualifyings I get around a 16th place. So that doesn't make sence! It's almost impossible to complete the Q
  6. Yes I know what you mean. But maybe you need to read once the text that shows when you are pointing at the QPP button. I think it says that it uses the max fuel option (so probably 3 and not 4) and always uses the ERS the whole time. So probably that's why you are faster. But as you say it still makes no sense because why don't the CPU doesn't use it? Maybe they just never do I have no idea, but thx to mention. I hope Codemasters will all read this and make an update.
  7. Alright, nice to hear that I'm not the only one, hopefully codemasters will read and fix it, because this is rediculous. Yea me too I play on level 95 with a race wheel I'm just getting used to and in the career modes I race with no set ups to make it more realistic that it's all fair. I hope I still can improve and upgrade the AI a bit.
  8. Should you please look at the Qualifying Pace Program (QPP)? It is always way to dificult. In my team or Player Career I amost always get a time under the expectations, so a red time. While in the qualifyings I always qualify much better than the expectations of my team while looking at my QPP time. This is not an issue that is with me, I just always use the standard set up, or the highest possible fuel mode. This is not fun anymore because potentialy I always lose a lot of resource points because of this. Or is this problem only with me? What do I do wrong? Also an other thing. The pract
  9. Hello everyone, I got a question about the Podium pass and I hope someone can help me. How do you know at which items you can change the colours and at which items you can't? Because it's really very stupid if you can't change the colours.
  10. Ok, thank you very much for helping me so fast! I appreciate it! I think I'm gonna go for Honda and Dorian Boccolacci if he's an option.
  11. So you mean that the engine of ferrari will get worse in the game because it doesn't do so well in real life? What do you suggest to take to make it harder for me? The Honda or the Renault?
  12. Hi BarryBL, Thank you very much for your answer and explanation. Now I can confidently start my My Team career. It's a pity that you still can't start as penultimate, but the difference is indeed small and that's why I understand it. But is it normal that there is no difference between taking the Mercedes engine and the Honda engine? Even if I take the Mercedes engine I already have the 4th best engine with a very small difference on the best engine, is this also normal? Or is it that if I take the Mercedes engine, the other parts are less good and if I take the Honda engine, the aerodyna
  13. Dear, I don't know if I really found a bug, but it's definitely something weird and annoying. I also found nowhere where I could report a bug. So I'm sending it this way. On 20/10/2020, I wanted to try My Team for the first time. So I also did the 19/10/2020 update, in case you need to know which version I have. So no matter what I choose as an engine or who I choose as a teammate or what options I choose at the first interview, my team was always in 4th last place at R&D already better then Williams, Haas and Alpha Romeo. Which I think is way too good to star
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