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  1. It’s a bug. The fuel consumption goes down in F1 2021 in standard mix as it would in rich mix in F1 2020. I also increased the fuel to +2.5 laps on a 50% race after running out of fuel in my first attempt (redbull career mode). First attempt was aggressive driving. Second attempt I tried to lift and coast as much as possible from the beginning (as good old Jeff was telling me to). Not an ounce of difference. Still ran under with 14 laps left. All the AI cars where flying. Surely you don’t need to stick 5+ laps in a Redbull and actually drive not roll round the track to be left standing by a Wi
  2. I will revise my original comment. I believe this to be an issue with both the game and the console itself. Change your capture settings. I am playing at 4K and capture/recording settings where at 1080p. Changed it to 4K and it went away. Must be something to do with the frame rate in the rain. This has never happened with any other game. Play about with it if it comes back. Went away straight away when I played about with it.
  3. This is insane. I have had this on an Xbox one and series x. It actually hurts my eyes and gives me such a headache. Can’t even get past the first corner. This has nothing to do with the display or platform it’s the game. I have tried multiple consoles on multiple displays with multiple HDMI leads. I also am starting to get small Flashes on some dry tracks when following.
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