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  1. Saintsnapalm

    Improved Replay System for F1 2021? [with Mockup]

    Didn't know a camera mod existed! The video on RD looks very nice, looking forward to look into this as well. If you want, feel free to send your tweaked version, I'm more than happy to try it out and see how it feels.
  2. Saintsnapalm

    Updated Helmets and New Manufacturers + customization?

    Thank you a ton, I'm definitely going to experiment with it! A bit of a bummer it's referenced with other models, especially the drivers you mentioned but it is what it is for now. It's not just the Stilo helmet being in the game, almost if not half the drivers are using Bell helmets. So there are at least 3 different brands in the game already, and I wouldn't be too surprised if Sainz and Perez still have Schuberth helmets (they used them 2018 iirc). I also totally agree with you that these rather small additions / updates are extremely important, at least to me. I'm okay with myTeam and everything, it's a great addition to the F1 game franchise, as well as some other things, but I would also like to see some love for the small things. The amount of hours I've poured into making my own helmet, gloves etc. is quite a bit and I enjoy driving in cockpit and get a smile whenever I see that this is a personal career, not a "generic" experience. Not sure if I'm on the right track, I just try to input my two cents of playing (F1) games for 20 years now. I'm trying to suggest smaller things instead of the typical big requests so the hard working devs know that other opinions and voices are present. If I'd be able to get one feature in (definitely going to open another thread about that), it would 100% be lining up on the grid on your own, no assists during a pitstop and get an inlap after the race. All three feel sooooo incredibly satisfying (two of them in Assetto Corsa Competizione). Not sure if you've played ACC, but racing for an hour and a half and get that sweet inlap to pick up rubber is the icing on the cake for me, everytime. I don't like losing the controls right after I've crossed the finish line, but I'd also never want someone to be forced to play this way, so options, options, options are the way to go and Codies definitely try their best to go this route. A casual, experienced and enthusiast mode would be great, while still being able to fine tune things you think you want in your personalized experience. Thank you very much for the last paragraph, you definitely brought a smile on a strangers face today! Though, I don't think it's about disagreeing with Lee Mather, rather helping the whole dev team to see what a certain type of player (in my case enthusiast and long time player) would want. It's not always the big new mainline update that gets me to play the game 20 hours more than the last one, sometimes it's the sheer existence of modding helmets, gloves (which needs to be improved as well) and the likes.
  3. Saintsnapalm

    Improved Replay System for F1 2021? [with Mockup]

    Sorry for replying more than a week later @Guga_Cyr. I'm not too versed in what gets implemented based on user feedback to be fair, but I think you are right with flashbacks being the "culprit". Playing other Codemasters games like DiRT 2.0 and older titles, one thing that remains the same usually is the replay system. I imagine the flashback feature is quite tricky to implement / change from a developer point of view, so I hope it gets some special treatment as well to open up the possibilty of requests like this one here.
  4. Suggestion for F1 2021 I’d like to start off this discussion by saying the current helmet system has given me its fair share of enjoyment. I’m not talking about the in-game editor, but the ability to create your own helmet through community resources / modding. I've spent too much time working on a personalized helmet, but it's always worth it when seeing it during cutscenes or the replay. Most importantly, all things I’d like to see improved are only of value if we are still able to fully customize and mod it through external programs like we do now. The current system only allows us to choose a single helmet that looks like an Arai-GP5 (that unfortunately isn’t mapped all to well at the back and low poly nowadays), while as far as i know 4 helmet manufacturers (Bell, Arai, Schuberth, Stilo) provide helmets to F1 drivers in 2020. It would be awesome to choose a manufacturer, since they do look quite different. From there we should also be able to customize our visor color. Looking at this image of my personal helmet (taken from another suggestion I have for 2021), you might agree with me that a visor with color would increase the quality and immersion. This isn’t currently possible through modding as well. And one last thing I think everyone would appreciate. It'd be awesome if we can get an RGB / HEX input with the color picker. This helps people to get the color they want spot on rather than eyeballing it.
  5. Hello everyone, with F1 2021 being in development I felt like creating something I would want to use in-game. Unfortunately the current replay’s functionality is pretty barebones, but has lots of potential to be improved. From the image below you can see I’ve added numerous features. My most wanted addition is to advance / go back a lap (LB / RB) and being able to see the current timestamp (HR:MIN:SEC) and lap. This solves the problem of scrolling through your replay for ten minutes when something interesting happened during the later stages of the race. The issue gets worse the longer your race is obviously. It’s also great to see which driver is in focus (more important for players new to F1) and which camera is selected. Pressing the Right Stick (RS) activates slow motion, which is in the game already (that effect sometimes happens during highlights iirc). I’ve also revamped the “Replay Progress Bar”. It now features a divider between laps so it’s easy to distinguish when a lap has been completed. Probably too gimmicky, but it also shows SC / VSC phases to filter these out / in as well. Something I’m not able to show but would like to see changed is deciding on what camera is being used. We all know that cool move you did, only for the game to decide an onboard camera facing the rear is the best option. More camera presets would be highly appreciated. On top of that I’d also like to see the introduction of the behind the steering wheel camera, featured in some of the trailers and marketing outlets. Personally, I think it has a pretty cool vibe to it and makes custom helmets stand out even more! Thanks for reading through this suggestion and let me know what you think about it. If someone from the staff would redirect this to the developers that’d be great. I’d also gladly send over the source UI / UX mockup if someone at Codies would like to improve the replay system.