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  1. Do you wanna kidding us? This issues, which paralyze all the leagues, wasn‘t fixed! You can't be serious?! Sorry, but this is a cheek!!! 🤨 I have no more words! I loose all the trust in any Updates you will deliver, because every Patch makes the game more bad! This is the badest thing, what you as a company can happen - if your customers will lose the trust in your product! Then they won’t buy again. Did your developers check the game before they rollout a patch? UNBELIEVABLE! If not change anything asap, this was my last game from Codemasters!!! A shame!
  2. Thanks for your reply. I thought you already know more. Then we will keep waiting. 🤞🏻
  3. @BarryBL what‘s going on now? Any informations about a patch and when the game will work in multiplayer again?
  4. A NOT WORKING GAME is also not helpful. Sorry, but Codemasters should see and feel the bad mood in the community! Maybe they change something in the future. It‘s about time!!! And as long as they don't communicate if they will change in the future, they have to live with this bad mood!!!
  5. This i understand. And of course, mistakes can happen. BUT, if one or two - better ten - of the codemasters employees would test an half of an hour of multiplayer in f1 2021 before they rollout a patch (in this case 1.10), they would see, that the software which they want to deliver DOES NOT WORK! That´s more than obvious!!! I´m a photographer and filmmaker for different companies. If I would deliver a bad Product-, Image- or Commercialfilm the customer would NOT PAY and i had a lot of trouble! All what i, as a customer, want from codemasters, is a functional game!!! With little mist
  6. Do you wanna kidding me? This is what i pay for. I pay for a final and operating product! How can it be, that you are grateful, that they did their jobs?! We should give them a medal. 🤣😂
  7. Why don‘t you communicate with your community? We‘re all customers, who payed for your product and by the way your monthly salary. It doesn't make it any better if you're silent. On the contrary - we feel ignored!!! You makes us frustrated and angry. If you would communicate a way for the solution, than we would know, that something will happen. But in this case - nothing. And nothing means for me, that you don‘t care!!! This is an absolutely No-Go! Show us a roadmap to the solution! With that i could live. Your Tag „with developers“ helps us absolutely nothing! Or should this calm u
  8. For now it may be understandable, yes. 😂 But this discussion goes over days. 😉 I‘m excited. The hope dies last!
  9. Sorry, but this is absolutely unacceptable. I bought a game, which is not finished. I bought it, to have fun with this and now I feel like a Beta-Tester. I‘m really angry about this. Our whole league races are cancelled, because of this unbelievable lobby bugs. THIS GAME IN LOBBIES IS UNPLAYABLE! I don‘t know any longer, if I should be happy about a new patch, or if this brings the next bug festival. The game is out since more than three months and from a final version we are really far away. What a disgrace! I don’t wanna pay for Beta Versions!!!
  10. With this patch you did it! The game is now in Online-Lobbys UNPLAYABLE! I play F1 since 2018 and bugs like this, i‘ve never seen before! Our Online League is actually paused, all races cancelled because of this incredible bad bugs which comes with patch 1.10! I cannot understand, how this can happen with an „OFFICIAL“ F1 Game. Don‘t you check your updates and test them before you will deliver them? Unbelievable - No words!
  11. Same yesterday in our Online-League Race. But i didn’t overtake the Safety Car, because i didn’t get the info for this. After Restart i got Blue Flags to let pass all drivers through. In best case i could drive to position 7. With this bug the race was finished for me and ruined. Final result - P18 🤦🏻‍♂️😡 Same situation but under PC, not XBox.
  12. 😂🤣😂 Unbelievable - what a bad support. No reaction on any post. Are you in general interested in??? 🤔👎🏻🤨
  13. Whats going on Codemasters??? DLSS was fixed i think. Now i have with DLSS like Motion Blur on tires, antennas and so on. Turning the motion blur of doesn’t change anything. The tires are with opacity and it looks like i can see the suspension through it. HDR in the mode „out (sRGB)“ i can change to „out“, BUT this will not saved. After a restart of the game, i have to change this again and again and … again! This is a joke. I‘m asking myself if you check a release before you release this, because after a while of playing you WILL and MUST see this issues! Or don‘t you care? I‘m rea
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