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  1. Can we get here a few lists what we all want in the next Formula 1 game

    1. Tijgeros


      I like to get the f3 in the game so you can hire a team mate of the f3 

      Only be a manager in your team so you dont drive

      Make your own race track

      buy a ather team in my team so you have the same as alpha tauri and red bull

      every year there comes a new young driver in the driver market with a random name

      that you can buy Aarava and tiametmardruk and esport racers 

      a team is offering you sometimes to buy your team like a big company as coca cola

      drive in the pit stop by your own

      simulating qualifying

      a team is going away and a new team is coming to the f1 you can do this off in the settings if you dont want it

      a story line durring the whole seasone

      that you can say in my team that your teamate have to stop and there is a change he reject it

      new rules in the f1 during you career for example in season 3 the qualifying is before the practise or 2 races in a weekend you can do this off in the settings if you dont want it

      during the practis your team makes a setup for you 

      maby that you have sometimes a special day that an online race where you have a hide and seek gamemode or other