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  1. Same on PC since the 1.12 patch. I did 100% races at Hungary,Belgium,Abu-Dzabi
  2. fjerkas9797

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    Hi there! Since the last patch I have some problems what takes off a lot from the game. No blue flag: Its pretty annoying that i have to race against williams when im in a hurry for the first place No punishment for cutting the track: I can literally go straight throught the bus stop sichane at Spa, or choose the faster path at Abu Dhabi, nothing is happening Still no safety car. Rarelly an VSC comes out, but it doesnt matter, because when there is green flag again, the issued car is still on the track. The same issue what I also had in the 2019 edition Iam playing on PC(steam). The bugs came out in a single player race. The distance is always 100%. The problems are constanst. I had all of these problems at my last three race.(Hungary, Belgium, AbuDhabi). I hope you can fix it.