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  1. Hi, I just purchased F1 2020 and the Logitech G923.  I'm having this same issue.  Basically, the game launches and immediately says some message about the Logitech G923 not being configured.  It then goes to the wheel configuration screen.  Every button and pedal will bind fine, except the Turn Left and Turn Right.  For some reason those two items does not assign.  I dont know if i am not doing it correctly.  I hit the Assign and then i start turning the wheel to the left, but nothing happens.

  2. When I launch the game, I get the error message "No Preset Control for Device, Logitech G Hub Racing Wheel for Playstation 4 and PC"

    It then proceeds to have me manually set the buttons of the wheel.  That all seems fine except that the Turn Left and Turn Right cannot be bound.  Naturally, I click the bind button, and then turn the wheel to the left, but that doesnt record as a movement/button.  

    So, I was wondering if someone can help me out on how I am supposed to setup the G923?  I am playing on Steam PC.

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