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  1. Guys, thanks for everything but I have figured out what happened. It wasn't the mods. I use an application that limits the CPU usage of the games that I want. I limited F1 2020 every time in order to get better consistency while gaming. That was causing the error. Sorry to bother tho and thanks for the help! @BarryBL @steviejay69
  2. Hi everyone! A month ago I decided to import some textures to use in my "My Team" car livery. A few days ago, I tried going to multiplayer but every time I tried to join a ranked or unranked game, the game would pop a message saying "unable too verify game files" and wouldn't let me play. So, I went on Steam and verified the game files. 48 were "corrupted" (probably those that were modified by me), therefore Steam redownloaded the files and installed them. BUT even after that, the error still pops up! Do I really need to reinstall the game? Thanks for your help.
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