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    When will back markers be allowed to overtake safety car?

    This is really annoying, it happens very often in 100% races. Your race is practically over if you get lapped. And it creates dangerous situations on the restart where lapped cars get blue flagged and have to give up lots of positions while fighting other lapped cars for positions. I have been thinking about how to fix this for a while. In Codemasters defense, there are many challenges to solve to get it working smoothly. IMO it couldn't work exactly like real F1. Here are some of the challenges and my thoughts about how they could be solved: How to unlap safely? My thoughts are that the AI could take control over the lapped cars, one at the time, and ghost them through the field and in front of the safety car. Similar to when AI takes control at the end of the formation lap and guides you to the correct spot. How to regain control of the car again? There could be a countdown, just like when you do a flying lap in time trial. There also needs to be some air in front of the safety car before the unlapping stage can begin. This is for not creating situations where AI unlaps a car and put it in front of, or too close to, or even inside another car. Unlapped cars are practically racing again. Yes, they want to quickly catch up again. It's in their best interest to race full speed in case the safety car ends before they catch up. But at the same time it's still a full course yellow, meaning unlappers can not overtake each other! The solution here would be to create some distance between the unlapped cars by unlapping only one car at the time, and with some time space between each unlapping. Alternatively just force them to follow a delta time, as long as it's a lot faster than the speed of the safety car. It takes a very long time... Making the safety car last even longer by having to wait for the unlappers to catch up is not very fun. The solution to this could be to ignore the unlapped cars when the game decides when to restart. The 'safety car in this lap' condition could be after all cars have unlapped, then check if all cars EXCEPT the unlapped cars are directly behind the safety car. That will save a lot of time, and still be fair enough for the unlappers. What about cars that are more than one lap behind the leader? Unlapping one lap per safety car is good enough IMO. If you are two laps down, you just have to hope for another safety car.