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  1. Same here, wish I had native oculus support but despite the mirror showing a solid 40-50 FPS the graphics settings barely change anything in terms of performance for me and at times it feels like 20fps or less inside the headset and then for a few seconds its smooth again. Not stuttery just feels like the fps fluctuates heavily towards the lower side.
  2. Yea that did it, just had to install SteamVR, performance with a 1060... well im gonna have to turn down quite a few settings, so far its pretty fun, but I might like it more with horizon lock disabled, gonna see if thats possible
  3. Well im not gonna rebuy the game if i already have it on steam, I guess i'll install SteamVR and see if that works. Thought I still had that but apparently not.
  4. So how do I start it in VR using steam with an oculus?
  5. 5 Cylinders and a Turbo have an adventure in the woods. Stupid me forgot to remove the timer in replays 😞 Wales is looking gorgeous!
  6. A 56 Minute Lovestory between a Swedish viking and an Italian beauty.
  7. They guessed that, it wasnt a confirmation
  8. Damn you! @Rallycameraman https://twitter.com/Rallycameraman/status/1045004124708884480
  9. Quite sure we will get Sweden as DLC also Germany, Finland, Wales, Greece and Monte Carlo Thats some confidence considering there was absolutely 0 actual info to go off :P In addition there will also be a DiRT Rally 2.0 Deluxe Edition which also includes the first two seasons of post-launch additional content, each with three locations. Dirt Rally Locations are done and perfect, so why dont use them, it is Quite logical Oh i'd love to see it, but im not gonna get myself excited about it if theres no reason to.
  10. Quite sure we will get Sweden as DLC also Germany, Finland, Wales, Greece and Monte Carlo Thats some confidence considering there was absolutely 0 actual info to go off :P
  11. NEW ZEALAND BOYS!  and argentina!!!! ehrmahrgehrd the hype
  12. I dont speak swedish and the uploader hasnt made that video available in my country, HELP!
  13. It was posted by the DiRT Twitter so it obviously has to do something with that! What is 2.0 DiRT? Bricks! We started with DiRT huts now we got Bricks! A new house builder by codemasters.
  14. Very odd way to dump him though. Just maybe half an hour earlier he posted that he is happy to have the support from Citroen and looking forward to Sardinia on his facebook page, so this all looks like they just fired him over twitter without speaking a word with him.
  15. I can't find a match on any DiRT Rally stage. It's a new section of road. Could it be a Your Stage creation? Don't think so. We know YS has difficulties crafting a road in a mountainous environment and this is why generally DiRT 4 stages don't have many tight corners/hairpins. That stage looks to have at least three hairpins and possibly in a sequence and that's not something the version of Your Stage we have could possibly craft, also because there seems to be mountains in the region judging by the shadows I imagine these were some of the tests they did with Your Stage on mountains, on
  16. http://www.wrc.com/en/wrc/news/march-2018/barritt-update-/page/5325--12-12-.html Phil Mills going to be the co-driver for Elfyn Evans at corsica!
  17. Usually the Helicopter is kind of the hotspot that the cameras and all talk to, that not flying is maybe the reason for the problems. Didn't really expect this to go perfect at the start, I'm sure it'll improve over the weekend.
  18. According to the German Rallye-Magazin, Sunninen and Bouffier will share the 3rd Fiesta
  19. Seems like Mads Ostberg will now be the official singer of the WRC  https://twitter.com/MadsOstberg/status/951149940507598848
  20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlxWtOOB5Xc Would you look at that, a big Ford logo on Ogiers car in the tests
  21. https://twitter.com/xtinamcgrath/status/935939549796208641 Roadbook inc. Probably going to be the clubs patch?
  22.  Great "Review" of DiRT:Rally even though its in chase cam. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBP9GzhlSx4
  23. Not everything that comes out has to be tailored for what you want it to be, if you dont like onrush (i dont like it either) you're simply not the audience for it. I'd like to see some dirt 4 updates still but my hope for that has slowly gone over the months.
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