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  1. 40 minutes ago, prl1862 said:

    I'd like to know the answer to this too. I bought the Steam version on release and will be very unhappy if the native Oculus support is only available in the version bought through the Oculus store. Looking at the program folder, there is only openvr_api.dll and there are no options within Steam to specify the type of VR to use. I have a Rift S attached to a PC with a 1080Ti and a 9700K at 5.2GHz. Even with all the graphics options set to low I am getting terrible performance.

    Same here, wish I had native oculus support but despite the mirror showing a solid 40-50 FPS the graphics settings barely change anything in terms of performance for me and at times it feels like 20fps or less inside the headset and then for a few seconds its smooth again. Not stuttery just feels like the fps fluctuates heavily towards the lower side. 

  2. 4 minutes ago, MTOJay said:

    yeah that should work. let us know how the performance is and what your pc specs are.


    i am hesitating to buy through oculus home because i know with dr1 all the online featrues were linked to the store. so oculus store players couldnt play in leagues with steam owners and vice versa. if it is the same this time around again i have to wait what other people say how the performance is with steamvr.

    i am really sad that thy took away native rift support. i mean its brilliant that there is steam vr support now, that was needed, but why not let the player decide which runtime to use. especially if its developed for the oculus store anyway. there obviously is a build version with oculus support but they choose not to release it. shame.

    Yea that did it, just had to install SteamVR, performance with a 1060... well im gonna have to turn down quite a few settings, so far its pretty fun, but I might like it more with horizon lock disabled, gonna see if thats possible

  3. 1 minute ago, MTOJay said:

    buy on ouclus home. (as it seems it only has native oculus support through oculus home)

    it should still start with steam vr if you use a rift automatically though, so in theory just install the update and start it. should detect it and run it. (just with worse performance. steam vr was always a bit buggy for me with a rift.

    Well im not gonna rebuy the game if i already have it on steam, I guess i'll install SteamVR and see if that works. Thought I still had that but apparently not.

  4. Etirion said:
    afahoy said:
    Regarding the “no snow stages” comments, perhaps the USA stages will be in Alaska?
    Quite sure we will get Sweden as DLC also Germany, Finland, Wales, Greece and Monte Carlo
    Thats some confidence considering there was absolutely 0 actual info to go off :P
    In addition there will also be a DiRT Rally 2.0 Deluxe Edition which also includes the first two seasons of post-launch additional content, each with three locations.
    Dirt Rally Locations are done and perfect, so why dont use them, it is Quite logical
    Oh i'd love to see it, but im not gonna get myself excited about it if theres no reason to.
  5. Very odd way to dump him though.
    Just maybe half an hour earlier he posted that he is happy to have the support from Citroen and looking forward to Sardinia on his facebook page, so this all looks like they just fired him over twitter without speaking a word with him.
  6. carpa said:
    carpa said:
    I've tried to compare the image on the screen to these satellitar images of the stages of DiRT Rally and Route de Turini - Descente is quite similar to that stage but I can't tell if they really are the same
    This is a complete guide with all stages from DiRT Rally and relative aerial photos
    I can't find a match on any DiRT Rally stage. It's a new section of road. Could it be a Your Stage creation?
    Don't think so. We know YS has difficulties crafting a road in a mountainous environment and this is why generally DiRT 4 stages don't have many tight corners/hairpins. That stage looks to have at least three hairpins and possibly in a sequence and that's not something the version of Your Stage we have could possibly craft, also because there seems to be mountains in the region judging by the shadows
    I imagine these were some of the tests they did with Your Stage on mountains, on which they eventually decided it wasnt good enough.
  7. I would have preferred F1 Racestars 2017 instead of OnShit if you Will make an arcade game, make fun for everyone not for morons who doesnt know brakes exists.
    (Talking about arcade games, what I want is DiRT Extreme with Modding, sublime physics, real stages, your stages refined and WRC, ERC licences :p )
    Not everything that comes out has to be tailored for what you want it to be, if you dont like onrush (i dont like it either) you're simply not the audience for it.

    I'd like to see some dirt 4 updates still but my hope for that has slowly gone over the months.
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