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  1. The gossip right now Excitement is 20 characters too short.
  2. Its 2am thursday there not friday, im 1 hour ahead of them :P
  3. https://twitter.com/sound_fx/status/824422126190989312  But its thursday... Edit: thx for the follow dave LOL
  4. Paddon also tweeted stuff out now, nothing on the spectator yet so far though. https://twitter.com/HaydenPaddon/status/822208747841929216 https://twitter.com/HaydenPaddon/status/822208792322523136
  5. Well he definitly hit him like I've said I've seen a picture that shows the moment of impact very clearly, I just really hope that french article I linked isnt correct and he survived it.
  6. I've seen a picture that very clearly shows him being hit, I obviously wont be sharing it here but its 100% clear, french news are also reporting he has died. http://www.dhnet.be/sports/moteurs/drame-au-rallye-monte-carlo-un-pilote-belge-a-assiste-au-crash-mortel-video-58812c49cd70e747fb4d3b8b (i just used google translate)
  7. Personally i find VR much more suited to simulators than FPS, the feeling of scale and distance adds a whole different level to it, samsung VR doesnt do it justice at all. Especially flight sims I dont want to do without VR anymore.
  8. I laughed at that harder than I should have
  9. Kebab and Gyros are 2 different things pls.
  10. If we're talking lovely videos we wanna share...  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UUbhmx0qK0
  11. It's meat donated for your tastebuds to enjoy.
  12. In the land of the Döner (germany) we mostly have lamb and chicken, never had a pork or beef  Döner/Kebab.
  13. I'd like the notes to stay similar to what they are now maybe with a bit more depth with + and -, what i'd like to see would be a multiplayer co-driver, invite one of your friends to do the notes for you maybe even with recce before the race. I think that could be tons of fun and pretty sure that its already on codies list as its been mentioned in the early access livestreams.
  14. The australia dlc no one has ever confirmed or talked about?
  15. Its time to get fancy! Learn the Scandinavian Flick or Pendulum Turn. Here is me demonstrating how to do one in the most extreme fashion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7f5EYlZsq58 totally planned of course. Start at the inside then turn away from the corner and start braking, when depends on how much braking you need you want to end the braking when you arrive at the outside and right at that moment flick the car into the corner and get on the gas, requires some practice but not that hard to pull off, theres also an in-game tutorial about it.
  16. They cant add alcohol or other drug advertisement sadly.
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